After the purchase of an Emerson turntable at 8, Lolly Pop developed an immediate fixation with music. Through her childhood and teen years, she scoured record stores for hits, was a Top of the Pops addict and staged nightly lip synch shows honoring her early favorites: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Falco and Shannon.

Pop later migrated to Minneapolis- home of Lipps Inc, Prince, Information Society, Miss Richfield et all. As a club kid and aspiring artist, she appeared in Prince & The NPG’s Gett Wild video and with the Lords Of Acid on their Heaven Is Coming tour. Shortly after, Pop formed TELEPHONE!, an electro-hop outfit that caught the attention of Matt “Dr.” Fink (Prince & The Revolution, Insider). Seeing Pop live, Monte Moir (The Time, Janet, Thelma Houston)— armed with synths and a slew of ideas— followed suit.

In 2005— while searching the Net for the KLFPop randomly collided with Autobahn. The four (Autobahn, Pop, Moir, Fink) spent 2006 composing Pop’s infectious “4-On-The-Floor” full-length debut, Lolly Pop. The album also includes appearances from The Couture Club (Pop’s all-male live backing act), Jenny McLaren (Spray, The Cuban Boys), Nadine Light (TELEPHONE!, Sole City) as well as the outrageous talents of voice-over artist Kendrick Smetana.

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